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 Jack and Kelly Owen 

Municipality Contacts

Owen Assessing LLC - Current assessment services provided for the following municipalities.


Barron County

Village of Almena- Ardith Story, Clerk: PO Box 277 Almena, WI 54705 (715)357-6600

Town of Bear Lake – Pamela Gannon, Clerk: 2555 15th St Rice Lake, WI 54848 (715)234-3822

Town of Prairie Farm – Vicki Buck, Clerk: 624 1st Ave Prairie Farm, WI 54762 (715)495-2798

Town of Prairie Lake – Karn Moe, Clerk:  795 21st St Chetek, WI 54728 (715)924-2580

Town of Rice Lake – Janet Tomesh, Clerk/Treasurer: 1830 Macauley Ave Rice Lake, WI (715)234-8087

Town of Sioux Creek – Liza Schroeder, Clerk: 1849 ¼ Ave New Auburn, WI 54757 (715)837-1007

Town of Turtle Lake – Kathy Steffen, Clerk:  1076 3rd Ave Turtle Lake, WI 54889 (715)357-0045


Buffalo County

Town of Alma – Mary Liskowski, Clerk: S1345 Co Rd NN Alma, WI 54610 (608)685-3843

Village of Nelson – Cindy Hanson , Clerk: N524 East Buffalo Ct Nelson, WI (715)495-9773

Chippewa County                                   

Town of Arthur - Erica Bertrand, Clerk: 14973 County HWY K Cadott, WI 54727 (715)944-4443


Dunn County

Town of Sand Creek – Doug Westholm, Clerk PO Box 38 Sand Creek, WI 54765 (715)658-1725


Pierce County

Town of Clifton – Judy Clement – Lee, Clerk/Treasurer, N7401 1195th St River Falls, WI 54022

Town of Gilman – Becky Manley, Clerk: W3104 850th Ave Spring Valley, WI 54767 (715)778-4303         

Town of Oak Grove – Andria Hayday, Clerk: PO Box 434 Prescott, WI 54021 (715)262-4005

St.Croix County
City of Glenwood City - Shari Rosenow - City Clerk, 113 W Oak St, Glenwood City, WI 54013 (715) 265-4227
City of New Richmond - Tanya Batchelor - City Clerk, 156 East First Street, New Richmond, WI 54017 (715) 246-4268


We have performed revaluation assessments in all of the above communities in the past several years Except for the Town of Clifton and the City of New Richmond. We are currently preforming full revaluations for Town of Sioux Creek, Barron County 2018, and Town of Sand Creek, Dunn Co 2015.


We also performed a maintenance assessments for the City of New Richmond, St Croix County 2016-2018.                                      

Please feel free to contact any of the above municipalities. 


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